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Since I was a child, I always loved tracking hurricanes even though I did not know what I was doing I would mimic the meteorologist on TV in Miami Florida. 
Every time my teacher took the class to the library in Elementary School my favorite books were on the weather and Atlantic Hurricanes.  I would spend hours reading and looking at the pictures.  This lasted throughout my Junior High School years and also High School years.  I then pursue Public Servant carreer and tried to get into the Police department but I guess that wasn't what GOD had intended for me. 
I built my first PC back in 1988 while working in an Electronic Company in Miami and begun tracking storms with a tracking program an engineer designed on a 5 1/4 Floppy Disk if some of you can remember what that was.  It was a mission entering all that data but my passion to help inform my friends and the public was strong and my knowledge on hurricanes had expanded, so when I spoke to my friends they listened and were learning things they did not know at that time.  Back then we were in a hurricane lull with no hurricane landfall in Miami so folks were complacent and didn't really no much about storms, hurricanes.  Some showed no interest because they had never been through one.

Then AOL, Prodigy and other internet provider came to life and it was like I was in heaven with all the satellite images on the net even though they were still images.  I then learn how to put these images together and make a video which put the satellite in motion.  As the internet era began, I got together with web builders at another company I worked for, and learned how to build my own intranet website for the folks at work but not to publish to the public.
Then came in Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and the passion to help the public be prepared grew even stronger in me.  I began learning everything I could about preparedness and mitigation.  So I begun giving seminars at my work during the hurricane season and this was a success.  I continued to study about the evolution of tropical cyclones and their destructive power. 
  In 1999 Alta vista Web browser had an advertisement for free website builder so I begun to put together my first website.  This website was called Ralph's Tropical Weather and my hurricane website was called Atlantic Cyclones 1999.  This website became very popular worldwide and I could be found in search engines all over.  The Key West News made an article after a telephone interview in 2006 and then my Key West Audience grew among other states.  I was requested to come on Facebook and Twitter and well I have accomplished what I always wanted be a source of information for the public family and friends.  I am now 62 years old and been doing this hurricane tracking for 30 years or more.  This remains my hobby and passion and have now built another web page so I can keep helping the public.  Although I have become very knowledgeable in this field don't use my site for decision making.  Please read discliamer below!

Ralph Arenas Jr.

>>> Disclaimer <<<
Never make important decisions based on this information or any weather information obtained from the Internet unless it comes from a source such as: "NOAA, National Weather Service,
National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center, Local Emergency Management Office, or your Local Media".
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